Anthony King Orbison

Anthony King Orbison, born on 29th June 1962 in the United States, was the son of the renowned American musician, Music Producer, Author, and reality television personality, Roy Kelton Orbison. His mother, Claudette Frady, was married to Roy Kelton Orbison from 1957 to 1966. Tragically, Anthony passed away at a tender age of six in 1968.

His father, Roy Kelton Orbison Jr., born on 18th October 1970 in Hendersonville, Tennessee, U.S., was a Musician, Publisher, and Record Producer. Revered for his soulful singing style, evocative melodies, and emotionally charged ballads, he earned epithets like “the Caruso of Rock” and “The Big O.” Roy Kelton Orbison Jr. co-founded Roy’s Boys LLC and served as co-president of Still Working Music. Notably, he achieved great success as a music producer, with his collections reaching the top of the UK Album charts. His production credits include the Platinum record “A Love So Beautiful” and the Gold record for “Unchained Melodies” with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Moreover, he made appearances on the reality television series “Below Deck Mediterranean,” featuring in both Season 5 and Season 6.

From a young age, he displayed his musical talent, performing on a local radio show when he was just eight. Despite his shyness, he pursued his passion for singing, forming a band called the Wink Westerners with a friend. The band entertained audiences on local television and during weekend dance events, all while juggling their college education.

As for Anthony’s mother, Claudette Frady, she was Roy Orbison’s first wife. They experienced a tumultuous relationship and divorced in 1964, briefly reconciling but ultimately divorcing again in 1966. Tragically, Claudette lost her life in a road accident on 6th June 1966.

Roy Kelton Orbison Jr.’s second wife was Barbara Orbison, a prominent music producer and publisher from the United States. Sadly, she passed away due to pancreatic cancer on 6th December 2011.

Anthony King Orbison’s paternal grandparents were Orbie Lee Orbison and Nadine Shultz, while his maternal grandparents were Chester and Geraldine Harvey Frady.

Among his siblings, Anthony King Orbison had two brothers: Roy Dewayne, the older brother, and Wesley Orbison, the youngest. In a heart-wrenching tragedy, both Anthony and Roy Dewayne lost their lives in a fire accident at their family home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. At the time, their father was on tour in England, and their paternal grandparents, Orbie Lee Orbison and Nadine Shultz, took care of the boys. Tragically, Anthony passed away at the tender age of six, while Roy Dewayne was ten. The youngest brother, Wesley Orbison, was fortunately saved by their grandparents during the devastating incident.