Lindberg Mescudi

Lindberg Mescudi led a multifaceted life as a school substitute teacher, a skilled painter, and a World War II Air Force veteran. However, he gained widespread recognition not for his own achievements, but as the father of the renowned rapper Kid Cudi, officially known as Scott Mescudi. Today, Kid Cudi is a prominent figure in the rap industry, cherished by many and leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. As Kid Cudi’s fame grew, the media also directed attention to his family members, including Lindberg Styles Mescudi.

Born in 1927, Lindberg Mescudi lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where he spent a fulfilling life filled with diverse experiences. He sadly passed away at the age of 68 in 1995.

Lindberg Mescudi was married to Elsie, and they raised four children together, apart from Scott. Their other children were Domingo, Maisha, and Dean. The family resided in Cleveland, Ohio, where Kid Cudi was born. Lindberg’s wife, Elsie, also had a career in education as a choir teacher at Roxboro Middle School in Cleveland Heights.

In addition to being an educator, Lindberg Mescudi served as a valiant officer in the Air Force during World War II. Kid Cudi’s mixed ethnic background can be attributed to the diverse heritage of both his parents. Lindberg had a heritage that combined Mexican and African American roots, with his ancestors hailing from Mexico and Africa before settling in America. On the other hand, Kid Cudi’s mother, Elsie, is of African American descent.

Even after his passing, Lindberg remained an American citizen, and the same holds true for Kid Cudi today.

Kid Cudi’s incredible success as a rapper has propelled him to the forefront of the music industry, garnering adoration from thousands of fans across the United States and the world. He has created numerous chart-topping hits, leaving a legacy that continues to elevate the Mescudi family name with great pride.