Liyah Kilpatrick

Liyah Kilpatrick, a delightful and precocious young girl, graced the world with her presence in 2013, and presently, she is a radiant 8-year-old. Her parents, Kyla Alissa Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick, are equally remarkable individuals.

Kyla, the nurturing mother of Liyah, was born on September 16, 1986, making her 35 years old at the moment. Renowned for her prominent role as the voice of Penny Proud in Disney’s beloved animated series “The Proud Family,” Kyla is an accomplished actress and singer, amassing a substantial fortune of over three million US dollars.

Her husband, Danny Kilpatrick, shares Kyla’s age and a passion for the entertainment industry. Apart from his captivating presence in films and television series, he is also a talented tattoo artist and an aspiring singer-songwriter.

Liyah’s grandparents, Johnny and Kecia-Pratt McCullar, exude their own talent and passion. Johnny, once a basketball player, has transitioned into other endeavors, while Kecia, the mother of Kyla Alissa Pratt and grandmother of Liyah, continues her journey as an actress, musician, and former teacher.

In the company of her elder sister, Lyric Kai Kilpatrick, who embraces fame’s allure like her mother, Liyah enjoys the warmth of a loving and supportive family. Lyric, at the age of 11, has already made an impression with a Halloween commercial for Walmart, garnering immense pride from her doting mother.

Among Liyah’s close kin is her uncle, Doheen Pratt, Kyla’s younger brother. Though he once faced a dark past, Doheen has since transformed into a responsible and reformed individual, seeking a more positive path in life.

While Liyah herself refrains from maintaining a social media presence, her parents lovingly share glimpses of their cherished moments with her on various platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The Kilpatrick family, inseparable and loving, relishes every moment spent together, often seen enjoying outdoor activities with their endearing little girl.