Azure Luna Buck

Azure Luna Buck is the daughter of the renowned American singer, Jon B, born in the year 2015. Her mother is Danette Jackson.

Luna’s father began his musical journey in the 1990s, defying expectations as a Caucasian artist excelling in the R&B genre. Throughout his life, he has consistently surprised many with his talents and accomplishments.

Jonathan David Buck, a singer, record producer, and songwriter hailing from Rhode Island, entered into matrimony with Danette Jackson, an African lady, in the year 2007.

Azure Luna Buck has a sole sibling, a sister named L’Wren True Buck, who is currently 13 years old.

In 2018, Jon B took to Instagram to share several heartwarming pictures of Azura Luna and L’Wren, expressing his joy and gratitude for having such wonderful daughters in his life. He lovingly embraced one of the girls in a beach setting, while another snapshot captured the siblings strolling along a boardwalk with a mesmerizing sunset in the background. The last image portrayed a delightful hiking excursion with their doting father.

Jon B, being a devoted and caring father, ensured that he protected his daughters from excessive public attention by conscientiously concealing their faces in the photographs he shared on his Instagram account. He often showcased pictures of himself and his wife as well, celebrating their bond and affection.

Jon B and Danette Jackson entered the sacred bond of marriage in 2007, marking the beginning of their life together. The couple confidently graced various musical events, proudly displaying their love and closeness. During the 2018 Soul Train Awards, Jon B joyfully serenaded his beloved wife, Jackson, with a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” in celebration of her special day. Furthermore, in a December 2019 interview with Parle Mag, the singer revealed that his single titled “Priceless” served as a touching tribute to his wife on her 40th birthday.