Hughie Francis Foley

Hughie Francis Foley, born in 2003, is a 19-year-old American scion, hailing from a lineage of renowned celebrities. His father, Mick Foley, a celebrated American actor, author, retired professional wrestler, and color commentator, requires no introduction. Mick Foley, a multifaceted talent, boasts a storied career in wrestling, acting, comedy, and writing. His accolades include the prestigious Frank Gotch award, PWI match of the year, Best Brawler award, and Slammy award. In 2013, he was inducted into the esteemed WWE Hall of Fame. Mick Foley cherishes his family life and often shares cherished moments with his wife, Collette, and their four children on his Instagram.

Collette Foley, Hughie’s mother, also comes from a modeling background and was previously known as Collette Christie before her marriage to Mick Foley. She briefly ventured into acting, starring alongside her husband in her debut film, Deadbeats. However, she later chose to focus on raising their children after embracing motherhood.

Hughie’s grandparents on his father’s side are Beverly Foley and Jack Foley, though information about his maternal grandparents remains undisclosed.

Despite being born into the limelight of famous parents and grandparents, Hughie’s personal endeavors that led to his popularity are relatively obscure. His recognition largely stems from being the progeny of the WWE legend, as well as appearing on his brother’s YouTube channel.

Hughie has three siblings: two brothers, Dewey Francis Foley and Michael Francis Foley Jr., and a sister named Noelle Margaret Foley. Noelle Foley has followed in her parents’ footsteps, establishing herself as a prominent model and actress. Dewey Francis Foley, the eldest sibling, has pursued a career as a television writer, while Mickey Foley, Hughie’s other brother, actively creates review videos on WWE, Stop Motions, and Comedy Skits alongside Hughie.