Tabitha Jane Hodges

Kim Rhodes stands out as the sole celebrity, thus far, to have amassed a substantial fan following, with her admirers extending their affection not only to her but also to her cherished family and friends. Her fans have been the driving force behind her success, and she has repeatedly expressed gratitude for their unwavering support, a testament to the profound love she holds for them. With their devoted backing, she has risen to the pinnacle of stardom she enjoys today.

Continuing on, we delve into the intricacies of her family, particularly focusing on Tabitha Jane Hodges, who, just like her mother, is showered with adoration from Kim Rhodes’ ardent followers.

Early Life

Tabitha Jane Hodges is the adored daughter of Kim Rhodes and Travis Hodges, who deeply cherish their child. Born on May 1, 2008, she currently stands as a 14-year-old teenager. Hailing from the USA, she is an only child, a testament to her parents’ dedicated love and attention. Despite having been married since 2006, Kim and Travis chose to remain content with their sole daughter, Tabitha Jane Hodges, leading a blissful life together.

Career & Education

Given the strict nature of Tabitha’s parents, there is limited publicly available information about her education and potential career choices. Currently, she leads a private life away from the camera’s prying eyes.

Parents’ Life

Kim Rhodes has carved a prominent place in the realm of American acting, particularly renowned for her standout roles as Cindy Harrison in the soap operas ‘As The World Turns’ and ‘Another World.’ She has also been candid about her autism diagnosis, and like her mother, Tabitha Jane Hodges is also known to be autistic. This shared trait has led Kim and Travis to shield their daughter from the public eye, unless Tabitha decides to step into it herself.

Tabitha Jane Hodges Net Worth

As a teenager, Tabitha is still pursuing her studies and does not have any verifiable sources of income, making it difficult to estimate her net worth. Nevertheless, her mother, Kim Rhodes, is known to have an estimated net worth of at least 6 million dollars.

Availability On Social Media

Given her intention to remain away from the limelight, Tabitha has not officially announced any social media accounts of her own. On the other hand, her mother, Kim Rhodes, maintains an official account, through which she shares updates on her daily life and occasionally provides insights into her daughter’s well-being.

Final Verdict

Despite Tabitha’s autism diagnosis, she continues to be adored by both Kim Rhodes’ devoted fans and her doting parents. As she matures, more information about her life is likely to surface, revealing more about the charming teenager.