Omar Epps Daughter

K’mari Mae Epps is the progeny of the union between Keisha Epps and Omar Epps. K’mari, graced this earthly realm in the month of July in the year 2004, and presently, she stands at the tender age of seventeen.


The illustrious lineage of K’mari consists of the esteemed figures of Keisha Epps and Omar Epps. Omar Epps, her paternal progenitor, is a man of remarkable versatility. Born on the auspicious day of July 4, 1973, he hails from the United States of America and has honed his craft as an actor, gracing the silver screen in numerous cinematic endeavors such as “In Too Deep,” “Higher Learning,” and “Love and Basketball,” wherein he adorned various roles with unflinching prowess.

Omar Epps possesses a net worth exceeding fifteen million dollars, a testament to his eminence within the boundaries of the United States. Keisha Epps, born in the year 1970, currently stands as a matron of fifty-two years. In her own right, she shares her husband’s extraordinary talent as a lyrical wordsmith, contributing her skills as a songwriter. Keisha is an esteemed member of a musical collective known as “Total,” their resonating presence on Mase’s “What You Want” stands as a pinnacle of their widespread adulation. Keisha Epps actively engages with the digital realm, her captivating presence permeating platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On the latter, she bears the distinctive handle of @lovekeishapps, commanding an ardent following surpassing four hundred and twenty-four thousand. Her endeavors on Twitter bear the same nomenclature as her Instagram account, amassing a devoted following of twenty-six thousand six hundred.

Grandmaternal Figure

Within the annals of K’mari Mae Epps’ lineage, a sole ancestral figure graces the narrative, namely Bonnie Maria Epps. The unfortunate circumstances of her union resulted in her husband’s abandonment subsequent to Omar’s birth. Moreover, Bonnie, an ardent purveyor of knowledge, diligently serves as the esteemed principal of an elementary institution. She made her debut upon this terrestrial plane on the momentous day of July 20th, 1973.


K’mari Mae Epps, encapsulated within the embrace of familial love, stands as the junior member amidst two siblings, namely Amir and Aiyanna Epps. Aiyanna Epps, a half-sister of K’mari, emerges as an enigmatic figure whose origins remain obscured. Nevertheless, both Aiyanna and her birth mother, Keisha Epps, foster an unyielding bond, perpetuating a profound connection and cultivating a close-knit relationship. In contrast, Amir Epps, a luminary of K’mari’s kin, graced this earthly domain on the sacred day of December 25th, 2007, thus, claiming the position of K’mari’s elder sibling. At present, Amir Epps basks in the radiance of fourteen years. He has graced several televised productions, most notably the acclaimed series “House, M.D.,” wherein he breathed life into the character of Dr. Eric Foreman.


Within the tapestry of K’mari’s kinship, the esteemed presence of Aisha Epps, the cherished aunt, permeates the narrative. Alas, scant information is available regarding her illustrious being.

K’mari Mae Epps’ Digital Presence

K’mari Mae Epps, a harbinger of youthful exuberance, maintains an unwavering presence across a myriad of digital platforms. Her luminous profile can be discovered under the appellation of @Kmari.epps on Instagram, where her admirers tally a sum of 8,212 souls. Concurrently, she actively shares moments and glimpses of her life’s journey on Snapchat, utilizing the identical handle. Through frequent posts and updates on Instagram and Snapchat, she regales her devoted followers with tales of her ventures and the tapestry of her existence. Furthermore, her esteemed siblings, too, embrace the digital realm, nurturing an active presence across diverse social media platforms.